Price match Guarantee!!

Hey Guys,

I am sure by now most of you have been price matching at multiple ,stores like Walmart, Mattress Firm, target,Best buy, and many more.


Most of theses stores match any price or give you a discount if you find the same item at a lower price from another store. Most of these stores are majorly retailers and very competitive, this is nothing but, price matching where one of the retail store will sell a same item at the same price you will be able to purchase it at some other store.

I have been price matching since 2011 and I believe it has now become a very common practice with the big box retailers. Some of the retailers agree to price match your product from internet based retailers but, refuse to match from third party retailers, this also includes mom and pop stores.

Doesn’t it sound exciting to you?

At big box retailers you sometimes might have to show a proof price where as some of them you don’t have to show a proof of lower price (some of the stores trust you).

Again, not every one can price match not the small businesses they cant match or afford to price match compared to other big box retailers. These small business usually have lower inventories as a result they pay higher cost for the products  compared to big box retailers.

Virtually there is only one store that will price match for you..yes you guessed it right its

For you to get the price match you need to either get in touch with the customer care and tell them about the price match or on the product there is a link where it says “Found a lower price”  all you need to do is report the price to amazon but, here there is no surety that this will work.

Again price matching will only be available for same items sold in other stores. For example you are buying a Sharp 43′ TV from target store, and the same tv is sold in Walmart for cheaper price. You can price match it with target showing Walmart’s lower price.

Some of my friends find price matching a benefit, where others feel that the research is not worth the money and time.

The list of stores that have an advertised price matching policy are in the below link, along with the stores that do not match the prices.

I will keep posting new ways to save money..till then keep saving and live happy!

Happy Couponing..



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