Rain Check Please!

Rain Check Please!!


Hey Guys,

So recently, I came across “Rain Check Policy”! Rain check policy is the one if the retailer runs out of a sale item while that item is on sale , the retailer will then issue you a “Rain Check” that allows consumers to buy the same item at a later date on a reduced sale price.

Rain check is a piece of paper thatĀ gives the customer right to a sale price item on a later date if a particular item is out of stock. I think it becomes easy to request for a rain check if you get familiar with it.

Please be aware of the restrictions for these rain checks

a) Rain checks may not apply to clearance prices and limited times offers ( like door busters deals, black friday deals, liquidations etc. Most of the stores offer rain check for only current ad sales not for the everyday prices.

b) Rain checks do not apply to “Spend $25, save $10 instantly” or “Buy 3 get 2 free” unless and until that promotion extends to a later date.

c) Make sure to confirm if the retailer has extra stock in a different retail location or on the back of the store.

d) Before checking out make sure you let the cashier know that the product is out of stock and you would like to rain check it. The cashier may or may not agree to write you a rain check . This depends from locations to location and how busy that retail store gets.

e) Rain checks are usually for 30,60, or 90 days from the date of issue of a check.

f) Make sure to check if the product is still out of rain check to extend the time to get product.

Some of the retail store do say ” No Rain checks” which means limited to stock on hand.



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